All tools uploaded here are made by me with no tutorials or plugins. Scripted in MEL.

Material Change Tool (MCT) v. 1.0 
Released September 12th, 2023
          Need a way to switch quickly between materials while styling your character? The Material Change Tool (MCT) is a free tool that does just that, giving users 8 slots to store their favorite material and assign it instantly with the click of a button! Additionally, another 8 buttons are provided below that directly locate the materials to cut down on editing time. In order to properly use it, you must first import the downloadable node network (node_network_setup.mb) provided with the tool UI and assign the base material provided with the first button. A variety of generic Lambert materials were used as placeholders in the provided node network, but these can be changed to any type and name**.  I recommend adding the materials into hypershade/the node editor and editing it to get full use out of this tool. The MCT is available with detailed instructions by clicking the button below. Customization and sharing are highly encouraged, though I only ask that you credit me for the base tool/script when sharing please. The MCT was scripted in MEL by me. 
**connections from outside nodes (ramp, files) could become disconnected when the type is changed. Make sure to observe it in hypershade as a node to see what changes and reconnect them to their closest respective terms (i.e. "Base Color" for standard surface is the same as "Color" for Lambert). When renaming, make sure you edit the commands in the script to the proper updated name. Failure to do so will render the MCT useless. 
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